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Here you can read about Avalon's Treasury and our onlineshop offering timeless and historical jewelry.

Avalon's Treasury - Jewelry, Gems & Minerals

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About us

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When Avalon's Treasury was founded in 1999 our common wish was the development of an internet platform which associates well-chosen high-quality pieces of jewelry with well-founded background knowledge.

At that time we already were interested in historical and magic jewelry for many years and concentrated on the influence of the myths of our forefathers on modern life. Although during the last years the interest in traditional values has increased a lot and many shops included magic jewelry and historical pendants to their range of products, we were often disappointed by the offers of these stores: The quality of the jewelry often left much to be desired and no background information about the respective motifs was readily available.

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In the end we decided that the internet is a suitable medium to make it better and to offer more to the customer than only inexpensive jewelry - here it is possible to publish well-founded background knowledge besides supplying a well-chosen range of high-quality pieces of jewelry, thus allowing a deeper insight into the intriguing world of our forefathers to the interested buyer and the curious visitor alike. Our product descriptions are therefore a useful resource for the historically interested and also for website visitors that want to read more about magick and rituals practiced since ancient times - usually the origin and symbolism of each piece is explained and a short introduction is given why it was worn in former times. That is the reason why we also chose Avalon's Treasury as a name, because the legendary island from king Arthur's times not only symbolizes the magic of unearthly beauty, but also the knowledge of the old druids which lets us return to our roots and come home to ourselves.

In the beginning Avalon's Treasury primarily sold precious stones and we only offered gems of unusual quality together with interesting background knowledge in book form . These minerals and gems even today are a popular area of our product range and are appreciated because of the guaranteed authenticity of the precious stones, their environmentally friendly production and the unusual quality of the crystals. Today we are an online shop for fancy and timeless jewelry and offer pendants, various precious gems and a broad range of minerals. Our jewelry collection features ancient and modern designs made of various materials like silver, pewter, glass, brass and copper and our shop contains a large selection of Celtic and Viking pendants for the historically interested. Furthermore a broad selection of gems and minerals is presented either as tumbled stones that can be worn on a leather strap or as pendants.

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In the last years we continously added new jewelry designs to our range of products: At the moment you can find more than 1000 different pieces of jewelry which are made according to historical artwork of different epochs and cultures, including timeless modern designs and e.g. old Celtic motifs. We cooperate with manufacturers worldwide whose designs and quality fit to our collection of jewelry - therefore our range of pendants is extensive and unique and complies with different tastes and preferences.

Now we wish you a lot of fun on our website and hope that you like our jewelry designs and the backgrund information we offer,

Dr. Clemens Schneitler & Dr. Christian Weiss
Avalon's Treasury



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